For those who want the very best! The Big Boy Diamond Elite-The Cadillac of Walk in Tubs. 1″ entry Lowest and Safest of any walk in tub. Engineered with technology to last a lifetime.

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    About the Big Boy “Diamond Elite” Plus The Cadillac of Walk-Ins

    The Big Boy “Diamond Elite” Plus
    The Cadillac of Walk-Ins HIGH END HIGH QUALITY

    Soaker: $5195.00
    Air Jet Therapy: $6095.00
    Hydro Water Jet Therapy: $6095.00
    Dual Air and Hydro Water Jet Therapy: $6795.00



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The Big Boy “Diamond Elite” Plus

About the Big Boy “Diamond Elite” Plus The Cadillac of Walk-Ins

The Big Boy “Diamond Elite” Plus
The Cadillac of Walk-Ins HIGH END HIGH QUALITY

Air Jet Therapy
Hydro Water Jet Therapy
Dual Air and Hydro Water Jet Therapy



Everything is bigger & wider to accommodate plus size people


The Big Boy Diamond Elite is the Cadillac of Walk in Tubs. The easy 1″ step-up entry and the deep inside dimensions afford you both luxury and, most importantly, safe entry and exit through the large curved door. While seeking to transform your bathtub, you will transform your life. If you struggle with decreased mobility due to hip, knee or foot problems, this walk in tub will return your confidence to bathe independently! Easy to reach assistance bar afford you additional safety and a hand held shower is a standard feature.

The Big Boy Diamond Elite premier walk in tub offers you 10 water jets-four which are lumbar jets designed specifically for the back. With this jet system your walk in bathtub instantly becomes a relaxing spa and for a very small upgrade cost, you may enjoy the addition of aromatherapy. Imagine luxuriating in lavender infused water! Remember that the advanced heat system assures you that the water will be maintained during your bathing experience. Your Diamond Elite Plus walk in bathtub will transform your daily bath, rejuvenate your body and assist you in recapturing your independent spirit.

Dimensions: 56″L x 32″ W x 36″ H


1- Because it is built in the U.S. three times thicker and stronger than any other tub.

2- Most importantly, no metal frame holding tub 4-5 inches above the floor.

1- Tub sits flat on floor, with only a 1 inch step in entry, instead of a 4-6 inch entry of a framed tub.
2- When standing, showering, or climbing in, no oil can effect on the bottom of the tub. No wobble or movement.
3- Because tub sits flat on the floor, no extension pipe needed from the bottom of the tub to the drain. This lets the tub drain 2 minutes faster than any other tub with a metal frame.
4- The door has a special curve that allows you to sit down, close the door, and it passes over your legs.
5- The Diamond Elite is especially good for large stature individuals, giving more seat and leg room and extra support can be added underneath the seat when needed.
6- Fixtures are Huntington Brass with a retail value of over $700.00. Faucets have an easy diverter that changes water from the roman tub spout to the hand-held shower. Ceramic fittings with a 5 year warranty.
7- Ten Hydro water jets. 4 lumbar jets for the back, 4 for the legs, and 2 for your feet.
8- Eighteen Hydro air jet system and self-cleaning system.
9- Comes standard with comfortable seat cushion and head pillow.
10- Diamond Elite has the options of a bidet jet for hygiene, ozonator (self-cleaning system for the air jets) and chromatherapy (a mood light system)

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– Standard colors are white and bisque/cream
– Replaces and fits into the space of an existing bathtub.
– No metal frame.
– Three times thicker and stronger.
– One inch entry and exit from tub.
– Large door with curve for easy entry.
– Easy door handle to open and close.
– Full front access panel makes any maintenance much easier.
– Large door 26″ wide with curve for easy entry
– Seat 26 1/2″ Wide
– Seat cushion and head pillow.
– Solid metal (not plastic) Huntington Brass chrome faucets & hand shower with ceramic fittings
– Twenty-five year warranty.
– Lifetime warranty on door never to leak.
– Weighs approx. 225 lbs


Does not include Hawaii or Alaska

AIR JET SYSTEM: This Diamond Elite Walk in Tub 18-Jets Air System is a fantastic tub! Just imagine this in a cozy corner of your bathroom. The 18 air jet, hydro spa system with a heater element is luxury at its very best. (For cleanliness sake, know that the air jet system also has a self purging system that automatically turns on and cleans out air jets killing bacteria and germs.) Once you have experienced the perfection of relaxation attainable with this complete hydrotherapy, you will find that you are consistently more relaxed, less stressed, have more supple muscle tone and sleep as you have not in years! Do you not owe this pleasure to yourself or a loved one? Enjoy it now. You will not regret the decision.

10 JET WHIRLPOOL SYSTEM: The Diamond Elite Walk in Tub with 10-Jet Whirlpool is a winner! This tub has 4 jets for the lumbar area that relieves your aches, pains and arthritis in the lower back. As you settle into your tub and it fills with warm water you will be convinced this was the right purchase to make. Now activate the only 10-Jet Whirlpool with 1 horsepower motor feature and leave your cares and body aches behind. Immersed in water, your muscles will relax, your mind will find a quiet place and the nasty aches and pains of everyday life will melt away. Your bathing will never be the same as you luxuriate in the relaxing warm water and jet action which will message you all the way up to your shoulders and neck. Pure heaven! Give yourself this treat – or purchase it for a loved one. You will never regret it.

DUAL SYSTEMS: The Diamond Elite Walk in Tub Dual Air and Water Maximum Therapy unit has everything. For your ultimate pleasure in therapeutic bathing this walk in tub is complete with hydro water therapy and hydro air massage. No large outdoor spa can create such complete and soothing therapy. With its deep soaking design, this walk in tub offers a maximum positive effect on your entire body. The 17″ seat, and anti slip floor offer safety for you and the 18 air jet, hydro spa air coupled with heater element provide the perfect combination for entire body therapy. The self purging system is included – which turns on automatically and cleans the water of germs and bacteria. A hand held and wall mountable shower unit and the grab bar will be close at hand for your convenience. This is a beautiful complete package which will serve you with comforting therapy for years. As we age, pesky aches and pains arise- often decreasing our mobility and limiting our sense of well being. Adding this beautiful walk in tub to your bath will transform you and add vitality. More importantly you will regain your confidence to bathe independently with this beautiful walk in tub.

– Ozonator $400.00
– End Panel for Tub $200.00
– Bidet Jet with control $200.00
– Aromatherapy (scents for pleasure of your senses) $300.00
– L-Shaped Curtain Rod $70.00
– Shower Riser Bar (chrome) $49.00
– Cultured Marble Wall Panels $699.95 See Cultured Marble Colors HERE!
– Polystone Solid Surface Wall Panels $895.00 See Polystone Colors HERE!

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A recent email received by a customer:

“I just wanted to say I am in receipt of my walk-in bathtub…AND IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WALKIN TUB I have seen anywhere! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Sometimes it can be a little scary buying a walkin tub online – to a certain extent sight unseen. But I couldn’t be happier!!!! The width, the depth, the color, EVERYTHING!!!!!! On a scale of 1 – 10 – in quality, cost, etc. It gets a 10 on every level!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! LOVE IT!”

-D. Karma, Salem, OR

Benefits of Water and Air therapy Improving your health:

  • Calms the Mind
  • Reduces Inflammations
  • Soothes Cramps
  • Eases Muscle Strain
  • Reduces Hemorrhoids
  • Reduces Arthritis Pain
  • Increases Circulation
  • Helps Bladder Problems
  • Lowers Fevers
  • Maintain Metabolic Function
  • Promotes Kidney Function


All tubs are custom built. No returns accepted.


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